Security Pigeonholes and Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers?
25 May 2016
Safe Deposit Lockers?

The possibilities offered by this range of products are infinite. They are suitable for all spaces, providing each final user acces to their deposit at any time and with advanced settings such as biometrics. You can offer your final users security and protection for their documents, jewelry, valuables with total confidentiality.

For documents, jewelry, valuables or cash deposits, our lockers are designed to be installed in any space as an independent unit in the lobby of a financial institution, hotels, etc. and also in a vault and inside a safe.

Ferrimax' Safe Deposit Lockers have been designed and manufactured according to the current standard for Safe Deposit Lockers. The cabinet law dated April 1997, 23rd says that the Safe Deposit Lockers must have at least the security grade A according to the standards 108-110 and 108-112. All tests were undertaken by the Spanish Laboratory LGAI, obtaining grade B.

Security Pigeonholes and Deposit Lockers

Our Security Pigeonholes and Lockers are designed to improve customer service in their private and efficient management of funds and corresponding solutions. They have been developed in order to avoid the bank customers useless waits and protect intimacy. They are also adapted for hotels, supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, etc.

2 basic models are available: vertical distribution horizontal distribution

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