Events where you will find us in 2023

The start of 2023 looks exciting, with many challenges and new goals to achieve.
19 Jan 2023


Puerta blindada
08 Mar 2018

Anti squatter measures: armored doors

According to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, attacks against private property during the year...
26 Feb 2018

Positive assessment of our presence at Sicur2018

We were present at the recently completed 21st edition of the International Security Exhibition (...
15 Feb 2018

International Security Fair SICUR 2018

5 days left for the Sicur 2018 in Madrid, the most powerful and representative of the security...
Seguridad con la tarjetas bancarias
13 Feb 2018

Security about expired credit card

Your credit or debit card has expired. And now, what should you do with it? Here are the safest...
Security Box Point, Security Charge Point & Click to Collect
19 Jan 2018

Participation in national and international fairs

We have started 2018, a year full of goals to be achieved in terms of security and technology.
Gold vs Bitcoin
07 Dec 2017

Gold vs Bitcoins

Keep filling your golden safe. In this article we explain why.
ATM anti-gas device
17 Nov 2017

Anti-gas: autonomous ATM protection device

We want to introduce our anti-gas device specially designed to avoid gas attacks to ATMs. This...
03 Nov 2017

In November, closer to you: Préventica and Ecoplayas 2017

Ready for the November fairs. Come to see us and know our new security solutions!
27 Oct 2017

Customized manufacturing

A Safe customized for you.
Cerradura electrónica para el hogar
01 Sep 2017

A door lock for your house

Yes, a locked door is the best way to get away intruders. Just make sure that the door is locked.
Caja fuerte seguridad para siempre
11 Jul 2017

Safe vs. Deposit locker

A safe offers security under your roof. The security locker offers security too. But what is the...