Keep your documents and values in a safe place with Ferrimax Athermic (Fire-Proof) Security Safes, certified according to EN 15659 - 30 mn Paper LFS 30P Standard.
  • Athermic Security Safes ASM
  • Athermic Security Safes AGM

Athermic Security Safes


Double-walled steel body, outside walls 3 mm thick, inside walls 1,5 mm thick
Front panel and door are special one-piece steel construction with a thickness of 10 mm, produced by means of a laser cutting system.
Special fire-proof material between the walls body and on the internal lock panel

Closing Devices

Nickel plated rotating steel bolts Ø 22 mm.
Protection against drilling.

Locking Devices: options

AGM Series Safes 

  • double-bitted key-retaining lock (EN 1300)

ASM Series Safes

  • digital electronic combination lock (EN 1300)
  • user code of 4 to 10 numbers
  • high quality membrane keyboard with 4 leds
  • acoustic and visual signals to confirm codes, errors and internal battery deficiency
  • closing system freezing after entering 3 consecutive wrong codes
  • internal power with alkaline battery (not included)
  • emergency external power outlet with contacts directly on keyboard


Blue colour (epoxy powder painting)

Inside Fittings
1 removable internal shelf


Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (Litres)
  High Width Depth High Width Depth    
AGM-0/ASM-0 280 400 355 170 305 245 34 13
AGM-1/ASM-1 350 490 430 240 380 310 51,5 30
AGM-2/ASM-2 490 430 430 380 330 310 63,5 40
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