Collect your online purchase in your company. The Click & Collect is the solution we provide to companies so that their employees can collect online purchase packages in their own company. C&C: delivery point of packages in the company, with an easy management and adaptable to your needs. It resolve the reception of employees' online purchase packages.  
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  • Click & Collect empresa
  • Click & Collect empresa

Click & Collect Companies


  • Growth of e-commerce.
  • New consumption habits.


Company Advantages

  • Avoid taking on the responsibility of the receptionist / company when collecting a package.
  • Better management and control of packages.
  • Increase the security of the package's custody.
  • Collaborates with the environment, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Save management costs.
  • The flexibility of Click & Collect allows customization according to the needs of each client.
  • Service to workers that can be used in the negotiation of the labor agreement.


Employee Advantages

  • Delivery of packages in the company.
  • Avoid journeys in store or warehouse.
  • Discretion when receiving a package.
  • Time saving.
  • Comfort and safety.



The employee makes the online purchase with delivery address in the company. Once the package has been delivered in the locker, the employee receives a SMS. To open the locker, the employee identifies himself. Open the door of the locker and you can pick up your package.


OPERATION MODE (deliverer)

The deliverer selects “Deliverer” in the screen and follows the operation mode.



Modular system that allows the possibility to later expand the number of lockers, adding different modules with the needed distribution at any time.  Multiple identification systems adaptable: number code, DNI, RFID, magnetic card, biometric reader,…


Model Free clearance (mm) Door dimensions (mm) Volume (lt.)
Height Width Depth Height Width
XS 150 140 453 165 155 12
S 150 235 453 165 250 19
M 150 535 453 165 550 41
L 340 535 453 350 550 87
XL 530 535 453 535 550 133
XXL 705 535 453 720 550 179