• Transac Series Safes for Cash in transit
  • Transac Series Safes for Cash in transit
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Transac Series Safes

The Transac Series has been designed to meet the needs of Cash in Transit Companies, where out of hours, collections are required.
Theft resistance

The Transac Safes are provided with 2 doors, one opens up to the outside of the office and the other one to the inside. Thus, the different users (staff of the transport company and that of the financial entity) can put in or take out the money containers.

Using the Transac Safes involve the following improvements:

  • Improvement in the transport value because the safes allow the carriers to divide their work into different circuits, to work on holidays and to optimize their routes.
  • Improvement in credit entities and retail distributors as they allow the ofrfices to begin the working day with the necessary money, to eliminate the cash excess, and consequently to avoid risks for clients and staff as carrying money inside the offices will not be required anymore.


Grade III: one double bitted key lock, class B
Grade IV: two double bitted key locks, class B
Grade  V: two double bitted key locks, class B
As an option, the Transac Safes can be fitted with miniconcat or concat systems

Miniconcat System 

  • Changeable Key lock on both doors: facilitate the key lock control of the external door
  • Door with interlock system: the simultaneous opening of both doors is impossible, one door must be closed to be able to open the other one.
  • 2 DEL on both doors: show the door and lock condition (open/closed)
  • System working with 9V battery: located on the internal door. The consumption is punctual, only when doors are being opened.
  • As an option, it is possible to install a second combination lock as well as an external luminous mark which indicates the transaction condition (carried out or not).

Concat System 

  • Changeable key lock on both doors: facilitate the key lock control of the external door.
  • Electronic system which controls the opening of both doors and registers all the events. It facilitates the communication with the outside so that the carrier can identify, giving the "tinkey" and the introduction of the PIN Code, as well as with inside the office so that the staff can identify through a secret number. The system controls systematically both doors condition (open/closed) and, in the event of an incident, activates the alarm and registers it into its memory.
  • Door with interlock system: the opening of the external door is only possible once every cycle, and always outside the commercial hours, or when the opening of the internal door is blocked.
  • External system alimentation: through a transformer of 12V there is also an urgent system alimentation needing a chargeable battery.
  • Alarms: the system has an alarm exit which can be connected to a receptor office.
  • Remote control: the system is prepared with a module of communication which enables its management remotely.
  • Tinkey: electronic element which enables the identification of the carrier and allows the door opening (introducing before the PIN Code)
  • Tercom Terminal: electronic set designed to be installed inside the armoured vans. It enables the "tinkey activation and registers the information about transfers.

Anti-Vandalism Protection

As an option, it is possible to install an anti-vandalism protection made of a big painted or stainless steel door.

Standard colors

Grey FX


Personalised colour
Network connection


Model External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Occupation sizes (mm) Weight (Kg) Shelves
  High Width Depth High Width Depth C D E F G L * Grade III Grade IV Grade V  
CF-870 850 795 610 570 515 260 1035 435 1550 1045 1470 580 540 600 690 91
CF-875 1350 795 610 1070 515 250 896 396 1615 1170 1292 765 477 530 609 80
CF-876 1700 950 710 1420 678 350 896 396 1765 1320 1292 915 574 660 759 120

(*) External depth + handle.