Do you know which is the better safe for you?

Ferrimax manufactures physical security products according to market demand, for individuals and businesses, each with a specific security degree.
24 Jul 2018| #technical
Ferrimax manufactures physical security products according to market demand, for individuals and businesses, each with a specific security degree.

Which safe would we recommend for you?

Everything depends on your activity, what you want to protect in it and the room where it will be located.

Our standard safes, combine steel and concrete as well as different opening systems, such as keys, mechanical and electronic combinations and even biometrics, at its highest security level. A feature we recommend systematically, since it opposes more resistance to the attempt of theft or subtraction, is the anchoring of the safe to the wall or floor in the case of standard safes.

Going up in security level, the built-in safes, that is, those that are embedded in the wall, although more bulky and not suitable for small spaces, offer even more protection. Its own systems and combinations of these safes make their opening extremely difficult, but in addition they could not be subtracted because they are embedded.

As mentioned in previous publications, these two groups of safes may not escape to elaborate attacks such as attack by butron method. Thus, one way to raise the level of security even more would be to reinforce the room where the safe is located, by wrapping it with reinforced panels that provide an infallible protection to the walls, ceiling and / or floor covered. Reinforcing walls with our reinforced panels is a recommendation that we usually make to businesses such as jewelry stores, pharmacies, lotteries and gambling and other financial activities.

More info:

We opened a small parenthesis in our review of security safes and their benefits in terms of safety, to speak of the safe with slot, equipped with a side opening. This safe similar to the built-in box, is useful for businesses that handle cash, such as gas stations, as it facilitates the introduction of bills and other values ​​in it.

Following our summary, we should highlight a curiosity: decorative safes. They are the preferred from our customers for offices and houses. It is not uncommon due to their discreet and camouflaged design to go unnoticed for thieves.
The finishing touch come with our high security safes. They are like a small armored safe usually with two doors and different smart access control systems. The materials used in its manufacture, its options of access control, including biometric systems, as well as its weight and volume prevent all unauthorized access as well as its theft.

Be confident that your Ferrimax safe as well as protecting the content you deposit in it, will hinder any unauthorized access to it, requiring efforts and time for and unsuccessful no authorized attempts.

Security and the time factor always on your side!


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