• Chubbsafes Senator Safes
  • Chubbsafes Senator Safes

Chubbsafes Senator Safes (fire resistant)

Combined Fire and Burglary Certification for Home and Office European Standard EN 15659 LFS 30P European Standard EN 1143-1 Grade I Fire resistant 30 min paper Chubbsafes: Senator model.
Fire resistance
Theft resistance
Medium security


  • Certificate EN 1143-1 by ECB•S in burglary resistance for Grade I.
  • Certificate EN 15659 LFS 30P for up to 30 minutes of fire resistance by ECB•S.
  • 3 types of locking systems availables: Double blade key lock, electronic combination or key + electronic (from size 2). All of them certified according to standard EN 1300.
  • Ideal for the home or office.
  • Four models available: 32, 46, 63 or 190 litres.
  • For installation in locations with stairs, the door can be easily removed, which reduces the safe’s overall weight by approximately 15%.
  • Single-colour door and body in dark grey (RAL 7016).
  • Orificio de anclaje en la base. Se suminstra un tornillo expansivo.



The body and the door of the safe are made of a double layer of steel with internal padding.
Wall thickness: 40 mm. The removable door facilitates transport in difficult accesses, such as stairs, with a weight reduction of 15%. Attractive design: the stylish dark grey colour provides an attractive appearance while the lever handle enhances user comfort.


Lock options

All locks are independently tested and are certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard.

Key lock - class A: the box is opened and closed by turning the key and operating the handle. Supplied with two identical double bit keys.
Electronic Combination - Class B: Electronic Combination accepts 6-digit codes. After entering a code
correct, you have to turn the handle to open the door. The batteries for the electronic combination are located in the
keyboard, and can be easily changed even with the door closed.
Key + electronic combination: first you have to turn the key and then press the correct code. Then turn the handle to open.
* Option available from M2 model.

3D visualization

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Standard colors

RAL 7016


Pull-out tray
Fixed trays


Model  External Dimensions (mm)

Internal Dimensions (mm)

 Weight (Kg) Capacity (Litros) Shelves Key Electronic Key + electronic
  Height Width Depth Height Width Depth            
M-30 370 500 403 290 420 263 121 32 1  
M-45 500 500 403 420 420 263 150 46 1
M-65 650 500 403 570 420 263 183 65 1
M-190 862 654 563 782 574 423 329 190 1