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Wall Safes – 800 Grade IV

The Safes 800 Europe can be supplied to be placed and anchored in a wall. 800 Series Ferrimax Europe has been developed to meet the standard test for safes EN 1143-1, obtaining security levels III, IV and V.
Theft resistance
High security

All models of the 800 Europa Series Safes can be delivered to be built-in on site.



Each grade has a different armour, made up by high resistant composite materials, with metallic fibres, which provide them with great mechanical and thermal resistance.


The door thickness is 150 mm, including the closing system. The armour thickness is 80 mm. The door is put up through a pivoting double hinge joint on two shafts with autolubricated bearings, what allows the door to open 180º.
On the hinges side, a tongue and groove linear outline against removal stops its opening in case of a lateral or hinges attack, blocking the whole door (upper, lateral and lower parts) with mobile bolts. 

Locking Devices

The closing mechanisms are distributed throughout the surface of the door and operate individually on powerful cylindrical bolts of Ø 30 mm (40 mm for model CF-880). The number of the bolts varies according to the grade and model of the safe. 
Anti-drilling protection of the sensitive zones of the mechanisms, bolts, reblockers and locks. There is an additional protection on the lock, based on a security tempered glass. 

Re-locking Devices

In the event of an attack, several automatic re-locking systems condemn all the locking devices.


Locking Devices

- Mechanical or electronic combination lock
- Time delay lock
- Telemanagement electronic lock
- Double intervention
- Alarm connection

Inside Fittings

- Key-lock cupboard
- Shelf
- Pullout shelf
- Lockers, grade B
- Kit for guns and weapons
- Ink staining system
- Antigas system
- Fire kit
- Other options are available, according to the customer's needs


All the internal and external surfaces of our safes are protected with antirust primers and paint.
The safes can be covered with wood or leather.


Ferrimax dark grey


In places difficult to access, the 800 Europa Series Safes can be delivered in panels (from model CF-815)

Standard colors

Grey FX


Pull-out tray
Fixed trays
Personalised colour
Anti-gas kit
Fire resistance kit
Banknote marking kit
Weapons kit
Door with left-hand opening


Model External dimensions Internal dimensions Weight        (Kg) Volume (Litres)
Wall Safe CF-802 - 1 Shelves 945 x 1060 x 655 340 x 455 x 220 85 34
Wall Safe CF-810 - 2 Shelvess 1145 x 1060 x 705 540 x 455 x 270 140 66
Wall Safe CF-812 - 2 Shelvess 1395 x 1060 x 745 790 x 455 x 310 205 111
Wall Safe CF-815 - 3 Shelvess 1545 x 1125 x 815 940 x 520 x 380 260 186
Wall Safe CF-817 - 3 Shelvess 1670 x 1175 x 825 1065 x 570 x 390 290 237
Wall Safe CF-820 - 3 Shelvess 1795 x 1225 x 835 1190 x 620 x 400 360 295
Wall Safe CF-830 - 3 Shelvess 1965 x 1285 x 815 1360 x 685 x 380 435 354
Wall Safe CF-850 - 3 Shelvess 2145 x 1325 x 885 1540 x 725 x 450 540 502
Built-in Safes en Suelo     
Model External Measurements Internal Measurements Weight        (Kg) Volume (Litres)
Built-in Floor Safe CSUL 35  481 x 450 x 450 300 x 345 x 345 65 36